17 Disember 2013

The Awaited Generation

Assalamua'laikum W.B.T.

     Alhamdulillah, all praise is for Allah as He still gives us chance to live on this world, submitting ourselves to Him. Always repent as we never know what wrongdoings we’ve done in our life and it is beyond our thoughts when our time will end. Each generation should always be better than the previous. Improvement can never be achieved if it does not occur this way.

     In a business company, the pioneer group will try their best and put effort wholeheartedly to make the company a success. But when times come, this pioneer group would not be able to continue their effort as they become older. Thus, this is the time where the younger generation should play their role. But how can they run a business without any knowledge about it? Thus, the role of the older group is to teach this younger generation, while the younger generation need to be ready and accept their knowledge. This is when experience comes in hand. The older group must always remember to teach EVERYTHING to the youngster, if not then improvement will never be achieved. (Commonly we hear in Silat, the master won't teach all they know, so that the master will always be a master). This is not the case here.

     As for the youngster, this is when our brain takes its part. Do you know our brain don't only have the ability to memorize but also to think and improvise? Oh, our brain is so amazing! There is no doubt about it. Allah gives us the chance to use it, so use it wisely. After we have learned all the experience from the pioneer group, then it's our time to improvise and make it better. That's how a company grow and become a successful as well as respectful one, where the flow of knowledge is continuous.

     If you notice, kids nowadays seem to learn thing faster than us. With the development of technology, we should take advantages of it instead of blaming it as the cause of our critical society nowadays. Here comes the role of parents to educate their child. As for example, pampering children with handphone, tab, etc is not good generally (refer this blog), but can't we improvise and make the usage of this device as a benefit, especially as a medium for child to learn? Educate ourselves well so that we can educate our child/future child better. It is a continuous and never-ending process. The role of building a strong Ummah is on our shoulder, if not us, then who else? Let’s us strive to improve ourselves for the sake of our future generation :-)

May this opinion of my bring benefits to all readers.