28 Oktober 2009

Health:Have heard of Heart murmur?

Firstly,heart murmur is actually an extra or unusual sound heard during heartbeat.The sound like hissing,whooshing or swishing noise.Additional info,normal heartbeat sounds "lub" for closing of mitral and tricuspid valve while "dupp" for closing of aortic and pulmonary valve.

Heart murmur classified into 2 types:-
+Innocent(harmless) murmur
+Abnormal murmur

Innocent murmur also called by several different name such as normal heart murmur,benign heart murmur,flow murmur,functional murmur,still's murmur and phsiologic heart murmur.This type of murmur caused by blood flowing faster and increased amount of blood flow through the heart.It is usually common in healthy children as the patient of this type of murmur has a normal heart.There are several condition that may cause blood to flow faster:-
+Excessive thyroid hormone in body(hyperthyroidism)
After childhood

Abnormal murmur also called by the name of Pathologic heart murmurs.This type of murmur cause by lot of factors but the most common one is congenital heart defects(when heart,heart valve,blood vessel attach to heart not develop normally before baby is born).2 types of congenital defects are:-
+Congenital septal defect(hole in septum)
+Congenital valve defect(narrow valve-not allow enough blood to flow through &
valve not closed properly)
other factors that may cause abnormal murmur are:-
+Rheumatic fever(serious illness develop after a person has an untreted infection)
+Endocarditis(inflammation of inner lining of heart cause by bacterial infection)
+Calcification(hardening of valve result of aging)
-------------Symptoms of heart murmur---------------
=Blue colouring of skin,especially at fingertip & inside mouth
=Fast brething
=Excessive sweating
=Shortness of breath
=Easily fatigue
=Chest pain

----------How it being treated?-----------------
Innocent murmur*

Do not need treatment as they have normal heart.If the patient have an innocent murmur due to condition mentioned above(eg-anaemia),murmur will go away as the condition treated.

Abnormal murmur*

Certain medicine might be prescribe by the doctor:-
+Beta-blockers=slow a rapid heart beat(tachycardia)
+Diuretics=lower blood pressure
+Digoxin=Strenghten force of heartbeat

Certain surgery might be neede if condition become worsen such as:-
+Aortic valve replacement
+Heart surgery

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