12 Ogos 2011

Milo Pudding

Assalamu'alaikum W.B.T.

Alhamdulillah,we managed to make it through out Ramadhan almost 1/3 of it.We still got time to make a maximum effort to acquire forgiveness and escape from the hell fire.InsyaAllah we'll try our best.Now,I would like to share some homemade recipe I made.Very suitable as dish to break your fast or even during upcoming eid.


Milo--------------------------------5 big spoon
Jelly--------------------------------1/3 of packet
Sweetened creamer milk-------4-5 big spoon
Water------------------------------450 ml

cut 1/3 out of it


1.Boil water together with jelly untill the jelly dissolve
2.Add milo all together followed by milk
3.Stir gently untill well mixed
4.Let it cool before pouring into the container/mold
5.Store it in fridge about 1 hour,and it's DONE!!!

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