08 Disember 2010

Circumcision procedure:Beginner

Assalamualaikum W.B.T,

Alhamdulillah,with blessing from Allah I'm able to write something to share with all of you some experience I had recently.I think i't make it even better to share this knowledge with others to make it more interesting.I hope this knowledge that I manage to grab get the blessing from Allah thus reading this article will cause some deeds to all you guys.

Importantly,i will tell to you some basic things about this procedure called circumcision.In Malay language it is called 'sunat' or 'khitan'.It is define as:The removal of all or part of the foreskin of the penis in males(Dorland pocket medical dictionary,28th edition).Nowadays it has 2 main ways to complete this procedure either by simple surgery or smart clamp method.In this article,I will be discussing on simple surgery because I find it more interesting.Smart clamp method is rather more simple even can be completed even in 5-10 minutes.This is the smart clamp tools

First thing first,I will mentioned all the material needed for this procedure:-

1.Anaesthetic solution containing combination of marcain and lignocaine
2.Alcohol swap
3.povidone(or any iodine)
4.Any type of suture(During my practical,we used cat-gut)
5.6 artery forceps(amount depend on the doctors)
7.Ligature needle(use to suture)

A bit explanation about the material used:-

  • Marcain is a much expensive anaesthetic and basically used for long-term effect.While lignocaine is much more cheaper and function for short-term effect.In practical that I joined,we com bine 2ml of marcain with 3ml of lignocaine.If it is not enough(the patient can still sense the pain),we might add some more lignocaine about 2-4ml.

*I'm not stating the particular surgical instruments used since I haven't learn about it yet.(really sorry)

The procedure begin with applying the alcohol swap around the surgical area.Then inject the anesthetic solution subcutaneously(between skin) and let it for about 5 minutes to get the effect.Retract the foreskin so that it can be fold inside to make the glans of penis visible.The doctor will then clean the smegma around glans of penis using the iodine apply on the gauze.Then cut the foreskin using scissors at the top of penis by dividing it into 2 sides,right and left.basically 3 artery forceps will be holding the foreskin on each side(that's why we use 6).
*smegma=a thick, cheese-like, sebaceous secretion that collects beneath the foreskin

Then the skin will be cut away using scissors on each side.Then we will come across surturing part.The below part of the glans of penis will be suture first followed by the sides.Once it's done,clean around the surgical area using the iodine and wrap the penis with the gauze for a hygienic matter.This surgical method can be completed within 15-20 minutes averagely.The gauze can be thrown away about 2 days after.Between this period,patients provided with cream antibiotics(Chloramphenicol) and solution antibiotics and also painkiller.Averagely,patient can become active again 1 week prior to surgery.

Do you find it simple and easy?Yes it is,because I expain it very briefly since now,I'm just a beginner in this field.If there's any doctor out there that read this article,do correct any of my mistakes in this article so that I can improve on it.

I hope this article would increase our knowledge and bring benefits to all of us.May Allah bless all of us...

Akhirul kalam...

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  1. Circumcision is for the hygiene...is there anything that I can cut from myself off to cut ties with the worldly desires that seems to drive me for most of the time...

  2. Absolutely yes...WE can cut an imaginary rope(that only some people can make it visible)that linking OUR behavior to the worldly matter...instead WE can build OUR own rope that will lead every of our action for the sake of Allah...(it seems very easy to write here right?truly it's very difficult to act upon it)

  3. sebenaqnya...tu gamba sementara je...x upload lg gamba program sebenar...hehe

  4. To be honest, I even could not imagine how hard it is to find decent piece of info on the above topic. Damiana