20 Mei 2011


Assalamualaikum W.B.T

Alhamdulillah,all praises to Allah,still giving me opportunity to write in this blog.Hopefully sharing some kinds of beneficial knowledge with you guys(and girls).This time I would like to bring one story,narrated by one of my lecturer.It's all about what's actually Know?Understand?Belief?

"Hey Mamat,i'm terrified...just now there's one weird guy chopping his hand,and out of blue he manage to reconnect his hand without any evidence of being chopped before!!!"Said Atan."Where is it?"...."In front of the new mall in the town"..."Come on,let's go there,heh!like I want to trust you"

By now,Mamat already KNOW.

At the mall....."I told you,believe it now?"."Yeah,he did cut his hand,but???"..."What else?,you'd see it with your own eyes"

By now,Mamat UNDERSTAND.

"I Won't believe it till I try it for myself"...."Whoah!!!are you crazy???Cutting your own hand?"
"Yeah,If he claim he can do that...he suppose to be able to do it on anyone,not only to himself'"..."I might say he is cheating, unless He chop my hand!"

By now,Mamat is trying to BELIEVE

Mamat insist that weird man to chop his hand...~~~~~~~~~"Argh!!!!...Yeap,now I believe he's lying"

*Oppss...sorry,sad ending~~~

That's how it work in Islam.Muslim nowadays had know Islam obviously.(It means,Muslim know the background of Islam,the pillars of Islam,The oneness of God).Understand Islam Most(Most of Muslim understand their duty as Muslim,pray,fasting,doing good deeds).But,do we really belief in ISLAM???How can we believe in Islam as we've never sacrifice anything for Islam???...Mamat do sacrifice his hand to test his believe toward the weird man(though it's not worth it)...But in Islam,it's totally worth it.But you won't feel it when you never ever want to sacrifice.

Sacrifice your TIME for Islam,sacrifice your PHYSICAL STRENGTH for Islam,sacrifice your THINKING for Islam,and sacrifice your LIFE for Islam.It's a sweet feeling of being able to sacrifice anything for Islam when we believe in Islam...I pray for all of us,including me myself to be able to taste that sweetness...InsyaAllah.


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