23 April 2010

Ever wonder how aging occur?

Aging is a process of gradual and spontaneous change,resulting in maturation throughout the life then decline of many bodily functions at late age.Aging then can be further divided to 3 categories which are senescenes,normal aging and succesful aging.
1.Senescenes:Changes that occur with age as a result of biologic,psychologic and enviromental factors as well as lifestyle choices.
2.Normal aging:Common complex of diseases and impairments that afect many older people
3.Successful aging:Process by which aging is not accompanied by debilitating disease and disability

Now here comes the interesting part,have you ever wonder why skin of the older people become wrinkle as the age keep on increasing?Have any idea?Telomeres might be the one that responsible for this.Telomeres is a tiny cap at the end of chromosome(picture) function to protect the chromosome from any damages.

Our skin keep on replacing the older skin by newer skin through division of the cell under the skin.In order for the cell to divide,the chromosome(made up of DNA) need to be replicate fully.However,the chromosome faces some difficulty to replicate the telomere(also made of DNA) and each time it does,the telomeres become slightly shorter which further lead to disappearance of the telomeres.Since telomere function to protect the chromosome,then disappearance of it will lead to cell death.Once cell death become numerous,result of aging physically can be observed(wrinkle).Conclusion that can be made,shortening of telomere might lead to aging.

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