10 April 2011

Bless from Allah...

Assalamualaikum W.B.T,

Alhamdulillah,Allah has give an opportunity for me to keep writing here to bring some wisdom that some of us might not think of it.Sometimes we never know what Allah has plan for us,all we can do is just keep on trying and tawakkal at the end of it.When somethings really bad happen to us,we use to blame anything arround us just to make our heart feel calm...But,why don't we take it as Allah test upon us,to increase our Iman towards Him???


What I want to share with you guys is one blessing that Allah has bestowed upon us,but sometimes we take it for granted.It is FAMILY.What I meant by family here is not just father,mother,son,daughter and so on...but it's all about one big family including brothers and sisters of our parents,cousin,etc.One big family.

It's such a sweet things,whenever any calamity drop upon anyone of us...then comes our uncle and auntie families supporting us from back.For example,if Allah has stated we'll gonna lose our parents at any one time...those big family will try to comfort us by cheering us up,make the house live up again rather than keep on 'sorrowing'...they'll try to stay with us as long as they can.

Yes it's true not every family acted upon that way,that's why Allah created varieties in each things in this world.But generally,that's how it will work.Kindness of Allah is superb,He take something from us but then He will give other thing to make it right. Recently,me myself has been tested with such a great calamity,but then Allah send me a little gift,that make my heart sooth a little bit at least...Maybe this initial small gift will someday bring a great impact in my future life.InsyaAllah...

Lastly,do appreciate what we have now.Remember that every things that we have now are all from Allah.Do good to our parents when Allah give us chance to be with them,until Allah choose to take them back ,or it will be us that will meet Allah first.InsyaAllah,may this piece of words might bring benefit to us in this life and hereafter...


4 ulasan:

  1. Salam takziah. Setiap yg berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya... Moga tabah mghadapi hari mendatang.

  2. nikmat Allah sgt byk dan x dpt dihitung, mari kita bersyukur dgn nikmat yg masih kita milikinya,...thanx syed, semoga Allah mmberi kekuatan mnghadapi hari2 akn dtg...Allahu Akbar!