01 Disember 2011

How to be intelligent

Assalamu'alaikum W.B.T

Alhamdulillah,once again Allah give me courage to write in English again in this blog.Do forgive me for my bad English.May what have been writen here bring benefit to all of us insyaAllah.

A friend of mine once asked me, "How to be intelligent?".It cost me some times to figure out what the best answer should be. At last I got an idea and I think It would be nice if I share my opinion with all of you. But when I think again, why did my friend asked such question to a person which is not intelligent?(which is me).Then only I figured out that, everyone is intelligent. Good news, that's mean you who are reading right now are also intelligent!!!Yeayyy!!!!...ok, enough with that.

Remember, intelligent doesn't mean that you:-

    a)Get good marks in examination

    b)Wearing glasses with very thick lens

    c)Having hair with central baldness

    d)Don't have social life

1.When a great and successful person being interviewed on the TV or radio,etc…do we realize that they'll not only be talking about their success but also their failure. What do you expect man to be???Failure is part of our life. Never hope for success when you never taste a failure. It's ok to fail when you've already try your best. Next time try to thrive for your success, but this time with additional ingredient, tawakkal to Allah. No matter how hard you try, you'll never succeed without Allah will.

2.Wearing glasses is intelligent???common guys,who said so???.They said that when a person who wearing glasses push up their glasses with their point finger(Glasses wearing person gesture),it seems their so intelligent and cool just like Conan(the Japanese comic/manga character).Do we realize all this time when we look out for the image of Islamic scholars ,very few of them wearing glasses. Actually it's not really an issue here,haha….but the most important thing is take good care of your eyes. Eyes are one of the nikmat that Allah has given to us which are very valuable. Even thousand years of ibadah can't superceed the nikmat of only one eye that Allah have given to us.

3.Having central baldness often being associated with intelligent.People said bcoz they think too much and using brain so forcefully,thus they tend to lose hair…If that's the case,even me don't want to be intelligent~~~ :-)

4.Intelligent=nerd=no social life…totally untrue,who said being intelligent is nerd?

Wanna know what intelligent really mean???

1.Able to manage your time well is intelligent

2.Able to memorize al-Quran is intelligent

3.Able to avoid doing munkar thing is intelligent

4.Able to invite your friends to mosque is intelligent

5.Able to manage your family well is intelligent

6.Being good in sport is intelligent

Fuh~~~I'll never finish this list coz everyone is intelligent,but each intelligent is abstract.We're all intelligent,thus use those intelligent in a way that will please Allah.InsyaAllah,may this post bring benefit to all of us.Though I know a friend of mine will not satisfied with this answer,but i'm sure others would benefit from it...


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