24 Ogos 2012


Assalamua'laikum W.B.T

Definition of 'maturity' is really subjective,yet still describable."As you get older,you'll become matured".Yeah,that's what people thought about long ago until now,but I personally disagree.Yet,totally disagree.What prove do we have that older people are being more matured?I hope my point of view here won't hurt anyone feeling,it's just my personal view...


Imagine this,a guy name Q have been living in the same place,mingle with the same people around him and never move to another place until he became 30 years old.And another guy name R have been move around since his childhood following his parents,and now he is 21 years old.In term of communication and relationship with people around them,who would be better,either Q or R?.My answer is R though he is only 21 years old.R has met many different kind of people and naturally he will be able to mingle around nicely with most of them.So he know better how to deal with them and  making a better relation out of it.But what if Q has make decision in moving out to a new place,and unfortunately the people in his new area are all totally in different character than he imagine before.He'll end up saying all those people don't understand him,yet he himself doesn't try to understand others.In relationship,R is more mature than Q.


In a fighting competition of 'open category',where the contestant consist of anyone regardless of their weight,body size,or age.First round match between D and C will take place soon.D is a big guy,got a 6 packs belly and 51/2 tall.While C is small guy,just a flat belly without any packs and only 41/2 tall.Both contestant enter the fighting arena.The spectators start to speculate who'll win the fight,and as expected most of them choose D.But still,there are some who expect C to win the fight.Why?,because they know something that most don't know.Most of them only recognize the contestant physically.but didn't know anything about their fighting experienced.It turn out to be that this is D first time entering a fighting competition,while C has gone a lot of previous fights before.The fight begin,as most expected D start off with confidence and promising,it looks like C doesn't stand a chance.But in the middle of the fight,C start to show what he really got.He really got lot of trick behind his sleeve,as expected from experienced fighter.In the end,C won the fight,dissappointing most of the crowd.In fighting,C is more mature than D


B loves to read comic books,celebrities magazine,etc.While A loves to read newspaper,scientific books,religious book, and always following current issue.When B gather and chatting around with his friend,then the topics they'll be discussing always be with regard to what they've been reading.Same goes with A.Now which one is more mature?. I choose A because their topic of discussion is more mature...no matter what age is him.

Maturity is surely different with respect to each field.But the fact that it is not based on age is promising.And for me,what best suited to describe maturity is experience.One's with more experience will posses more maturity.But still,with every rules,there's always an exception...

"More experience you have,the more mature you are"


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