27 Julai 2011

Bored...in front of you is FACEBOOK!!!

Assalamua'laikum W.B.T

Praise be to Allah,with all his kindness i'm able to write in this blog again after 1 month being left without no trace.I got an idea to write about this post through out my holiday.I'm being observing people act in their FB profile.Why I choose to write about FB?nowadays,whenever someone open their PC/laptop/BB/Ipod/Ipad,and internet can be access...majority will open FB and email first.I won't talk about email coz their not so much issue to be discuss on that.

These are several list of topics frequently being post...

Current state of emotion

"so bored..."
"feel so sad...."


"I really2 love you..."
"Rindu kat awak.."
"hai *****(tagged name),bile nak jumpe lg?....:-)"

Physical state

"so tired after working all day"
"feeling very energetic..."
"sakit2 badan..:-("

There's many more to mention,and I think all of you know what they are.It's all around us everyday.Please be note that I'm not saying those above are wrong.But,i like to raise a question,thus it beneficial to the people who read it?I'm not going to answer that.

It seems that we find,to do something good are really hard nowadays.We feel that we need to struggle to do that.Without noticed,we're doing something unnecessary and not beneficial easily...maybe such as those above.

Do we noticed we can actually give something benefit to others by just post anything simple yet beneficial...

"Sabar itu sebahagian dari iman"
"leaving something bad we intend to do give us good reward"
"arini dah bace quran ke blom?"
"Praise be to Allah..."

or,a simple fact...

"Gullible=easily being tricked"
"Human have 206 for adult"
"otak burung unta lagi kecik dari matanya!!!"

or share from others


"It's easy to do good"

I'm not saying we can't post those like I stated earlier,it's normal for human to share thing with others.Especially when we don't have someone to share with.So we decide to share with all our friends on FB

Abu hurairah ra. berkata,Rasulullah saw. bersabda, "Di antara tanda kebaikan keislaman seseorang adalah ia meninggalkan perkara yang tak berguna baginya"(Hadis hasan diriwayatkan oleh Tirmidzi dan yang lainnya)

I hope this will remind us together.Take goods from this post and do correct me for any mistake.

*Tip:Want to know when u start bored with FB,it's when u alternately clicking Home & Profile over and over again...:-)


6 ulasan:

  1. It's such a klise,when we write something about our life soooo long,people intersted to read it.But when we post a long hadith or quran verse,it's very hard to finish all of it,maybe just a few first lines...is it?

  2. I once complained that FB status messages are too gedik to someone. The person said to me "Biarlah. diorang nak sedapkan hati diorang jugak".

    And that's true. We do that because we have no other outlet.

    The solution?

    Get married! Then we can tell our spouses all our troubles. After that, insyaAllah only beneficial things will be shared on Facebook.

    By the way..."Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" memang best =P. Baru habis baca

  3. know what...actually i'm planning to state that 'married thing' in the solution but it's so common(among us)...that anyone can think of it..example is you...:-)

    nak pinjam gak!!!

  4. huhuuhuhu!agree~i've been promoted the book since we were in our 1st block lg...ingtkan x de sape yg interested dengan buku tu~

  5. i can't imagine Luqman reading Man from Mars. it's almost like Luqman playing futsal. or you are 'forced' by someone to read it? hahaha. i've got the e-book ages ago. being me, aduh, pancit baca.

    and "Then we can tell our spouses all our troubles.", you sound like a pro. double lol.

    sorry syed lari tajuk.

    back to pasal facebook. regarding your grumbling of nonsense in facebook, that's one the reason why I reduce my friendlists from 900++ to 300++. now, the news feed are more beneficial and tranquil.

  6. like your way acap...the fact is,luqman really being forced,haha...