11 Julai 2011

Making the rounds with Oscar:Book review

Assalamua'laikum W.B.T

Praise be to Allah,I'm still here living in this world to prepare for the hereafter.InsyaAllah this time i'll tell you a review regarding one of the book that I manage to finish recently.I would recommend this book to cat lovers and those involve in medical fields.But this does not mean others can't,it's a universal book.

Dr David Dosa with Oscar

Generally,it's a story written by Dr.David Dosa,a geriatrician at Steere house nursing and rehabilitation center, Rhode Island Hospital.(It's a true story)The story open well by introducing how in earth there's a cat living in a rehabilitation center?There's all together 6 cat in that center,but Oscar is the only one posses the special ability that is able to sense death of a dementia patient.Speaking of which,overall this book will wander around Dementia patient,mainly Alzheimer's patients.There's all together 23 chapter ready to be read.In the early chapter,each chapter will start with a medical history of a patient then followed by presence of Oscar in their life.It's interesting to see how an anti-social cat like Oscar suddenly become very friendly cat when it encounter with dying patients.Towards the end of the story,it will tell us whether Dr.Dosa believe in Oscar at last?because initially he just ignored rumors about the ability of this wonderful cat.

Oscar making round...

These are several interesting topics that you will encounter upon reading this book:-

1.How do medical doctor should handle the geriatric patient and their families?
2.Do animal therapy work to reduce stress among geriatric patients?
3.Can memory on music retain in Alzheimer's patient?
4.How should doctor deliver bad news to patients?
5.How should family member of dementia patient accept their relatives illness?
6.Quality of life(QOL) vs Patient request
7.Do memory really diminish with age?

At the end of the book,Dr.Dosa did give some of his personal opinion pertaining how to prepare if you will be a ceregiver to any of your family members or friend who's suffering from dementia.Also,He did included some medical explanation of how did Oscar manage to do that incredible thing( extraordinary sense in society point of view)

Here are some interesting quote from the book

"In medicine,doctors often make the mistake of pursuing diagnoses.Name of disease doesn't matter,it only important among the physician but not among patient.What patients care most are whether a disease will change the way they live.(when a car runs you over,you don't care much about the make or model)"

"Letting go of a person with terminal dementia is not a sign of defeat:it is an act of love"

Here are the video regarding oscar on CBS News

In my point of view,this is a very good book.Plus,students out there who are still in holiday,this book is worth to spent your time with.My personal dream is to see this story to be convert into drama series or even a movie,it would be wonderful.That's all,hope this review bring benefit to all of you.Find your time reading it.

Price:RM41.95(at Kinokuniya)


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