15 April 2012

Agriculture is awesome!!!

Assalamua'laikum W.B.T.

Alhamdulillah,with the will from Allah S.W.T., I'm still able to write in this blog despite all things that happen to me throughout my life.Recently I got the chance to visit MARDI at Cameron Highland and meet up with one of the researcher there,Mr. Zul....masyaAllah,there's a lot of new knowledge I gain there.Truly,knowledge is everywhere...even at the place we never thought of it.The only things that we need to gain more knowledge is to search for it,those who are not eager for knowledge,the knowledge won't go to them."Seek knowledge,surely it will fetch you"...So,insyaAllah I will share some knowledge I got there with all of you!!!biiznillah...[coming to visit this blog also show that you have effort to seek knowledge...:-)]

Why do we feel sleepy in class???

It's because of the light we use in the classroom,lecture hall,auditorium,etc.Light that emit far red wave represent the wave that sunlight emit through the day,while far blue wave represent wave that are available to us during the night.So,whenever we're exposed to far blue light,our body will response to it by interpreting that now we're at night,that's why we feel sleepy~~~so Mr. Zul said when he is giving lecture,he make sure he will use far red light,for keeping the students awake...:-)(exp of far red light : lamp that are using filament)

That's why in Malaysia,when we want to export chrysanthemum plant to other countries,at MARDI,they will exposed it to far red light at night so that it will interpret as it is daytime,so they will mature faster...

Why do some strawberries sweet?and some sour?

Every fruit have it own fate.For strawberry,Allah S.W.T has set for it to complete it fruit development in 3 month.Thus,no matter it receive or not enough nutrient,light,water, or perfect temperature...at last,it will still complete it fuit-genesis in 3 month.So,sour strawberry produced when it does not receive enough light and the temperature is not maintain at optimum level.

For your information,normally plant need around 16,000 flux of light per day for it to undergo normal processes of development throughout it life(this is vary with each types of plant).16,000 flux can be compare with light produce by 16,000 unit of candle.Regarding chrysanthemum story above,only 48 flux of light needed to create a condition of a daytime at night.

Another thing,there's a myth among us that state in rainy season,fruit such as watermelon become less sweet  because a lot of water diluting the sugar concentration in the fruit.The truth,Mr. Zul said that it's not because of that...it's actually related with the concept above.In rainy season,light source is limited.Thus,the sugar synthesis can't complete in time.In sunny season,the fruit become more sweet since more sugar synthesis can take place in the time for it maturation.

Why strawberry sweet at top of cameron highland,then become sour when we brought home?

Said Mr. Zul,at higher temperature the activity of certain enzyme is activated,making glucose to be converted into ascorbic acid.

Lastly,Mr. Zul give an advise for us which is: We need stress in our life so that we are always urge to achieve the best in our life.That't why we kept been told

InsyaAllah,may this knowledge bring benefit to all of us...


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  1. the level of grammar mistakes in this post is over 9000! but jazakallah 4 the knowledge

    1. haha...yeah,i know that.But I never stop writing although I know my grammar is soooo bad.Bcoz I believe as long as people can understand and grab the knowledge within it,it's enough for me...:-)

  2. Thank you for sharing this. Very educational

  3. jzkk,best syed..bagus kongsikan ilmu