21 April 2012

Tausiah by Syeikh Abdul Karim Yahya

Assalamua'laikum W.B.T.

MasyaAllah,perancangan Allah itu sangat cantik.Awalnya,Habib Ali Zainal Abidin al-Hamid sepatutnya memberi tausiah pada malam 20/4/2012 di Masjid Muadz bin Jabal untuk majlis Ta'lim Darul Murtadza.Namun,Allah datangkan Syeikh Abdul Karim Yahya,salah seorang anak murid kanan Habib Umar bin Mohammad bin Salem bin Hafidz.Beliau menyampaikan tausiah beliau dalam bahasa 'english',berikut ana kongsikan tausiah oleh beliau:-

     First of all,I would say that we Muslim in western countries see you in this region(SEA region) as our role model.And I said this without exaggeration.It is not my intention to come here and give a talk,yet my initial intention is to seek knowledge from masyaikh.

Humanity was given a mission by Allah,and that mission are:-
2.To know Him

     So,vicegerency=khalifah.In this condition,we are ought to represent attributes of Allah thus that explain why Adam was taught with names of Allah as in there lies His attribute.And Allah grant us Muhammad S.A.W to show us the way how to be a khalifah on this Earth.Adam had known about creation of our prophet since the name  of Muhammad was there at the A'rasy.Talking about A'rasy,If we want to compare Kurs with A'rasy,Kurs is like throwing a ring into a dessert.And If we want to compare Earth with Kurs,Earth is like throwing a ring into a dessert.

     Though we are ought to develop the Earth,yet we are know demolishing It.From scientific age before until digital age now,they are only one difference which is destroying Earth.Why is it?It's not because the development or innovation itself,but because this age was associated with cut off with revelation.

     In this age,Parent consider their children success when they excel in Scientific knowledge,yet they don't feel worry when their child don't empower well in understanding Islam.This is what materialistic thinking has do to our ummah.From when do woman start working?After world war 2(WW-II),the westerner had a problem of lacking manpower in their weapon manufacturing.Since then,the women are force to indulge in working field,and it's sad to see that Muslim take that as their reference.Today,if you ask a woman "What are working as?"...and if they answer "as a mother"...they will answer that in shameful manner.They feel shame of not being a lawyer,doctor,etc.Though in Islam,Mother is a most noble title they can hold for.

     Now,what are the tool the westerner used to separate Muslim with their precious history?How come the child now don't know much about our prophet Muhammad S.A.W and sahabiah story,yet they know about world cup,entertainer,etc.This all come from media influence.

     "Knowledge is a stairway to knowledge".From having a knowledge,we aim to practice it by our action.And from our action,we hope that it will be fruitful with worshiping Allah from that action.And always remember,action is more noble than having the knowledge only.Action is essential for every knowledge seeker.

Quoted from Imam Ghazali,Sign of ma'rifah is mahabbah.So,thus who know Allah,surely will love Allah!!!And who want to love Allah,Follow Muhammad S.A.W.(dalam hadis fattabiouni)

Mind that words written above was not exactly the words came out one by one by syeikh,I paraphrase it based on notes I made.Sorry for any knowledge that may be wrong that came from my misunderstanding during the tausiah.

-al-faqir Syed al-Qadri-

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