18 April 2012

Maher Zain "Forgive Me" album review

Assalamua'laikum W.B.T

Alhamdulillah,now I have quite a plenty time for myself...:-).Thank you Allah.The nikmat of this free time is priceless,I pray to Allah that this time is beneficial for me.And not to forget all of my readers.So,I decided to spent my time to share with all of you my review regarding Maher Zain new album,"Forgive Me".For those who know me,they'll understand that I'm a fanatic fan of Maher Zain,because he has turn my life indirectly when I first noticed his music...In every lyrics of his song,it's very inspiring...masyaAllah..

Alright for this album,I like to say that the theme is LOVE.Yes!love in whole broad categories like Allah,Our prophet,family and the societies....


1.I love you so
This song is about how us trying to do every action in our life,only for Allah.In chorus,the lyric beautifully arranged to show how Allah love is the greatest as it can make us feel peace and strong to go through our life with his will.Finally,our ultimate goal is to please Allah in our life~~~

As Maher Zain has a pool of fan in Malaysia and Indonesia,thankfully now they decided to make 2 of the new song translated in malay/indonesian.This song is translated from the song "I love you so"

3.Guide me all the way
This song is about how every servant of Allah surely want to be in Jannah in the end of our life.So,we always pray that this world is only in our hand,not in our heart.We also pray so that Allah always close to us throughout out life so that we won't go astray insyaAllah...

4.Tuntunku kepadamu
This song is malay/indonesian version of "Guide me all the way"

5.Forgive me
Every human make mistakes,and as his servant we are ought to ask for His repent.We always try to avoid our selves from doing Allah prohibition but our surrounding keep on dragging us toward it.So,We must always ask Allah to give us strength to overcome it...and surely we must ask forgiveness from Allah everyday bcoz we never know that we commit sin in every our action .

6.Radhitu billahi rabba(I've accepted Allah as my Lord)
This song is about how our strong belief in existence of Allah as our lord.We know that Allah doesn't need us,yet we need Him the most...although our eyes can't Him,we belief in our heart He is there,and we always pray to see Him in Jannah one day insyaAllah...


Truly this song is very2x beautiful...it show how we miss Rasulullah greatly...How could we love someone who we had never seen before?Only Muhammad S.A.W is the one...Deep in our heart,we want to see Him at least once,and we belief we'll be with whom we love in paradise soon insyaAllah...

Our love for Him is indescribable.If we ever combine all poetry and love song in this world,we still can't describe our love for Him.It would be nice if we could embrace His noble feet and hand just like every rock,tree or sand that has done so...

9.Assalamu alayka
It's a song to describe our feeling when we visit Our prophet at Medina.This song describe our feeling as we enter Masjidul nabawi,and our feeling as we stood in front of His maqam.The feeling of being there and give salam to our prophet is priceless...


10.Masha Allah
This is a song in building a family which is marriage...:-).The same concept of song "Barakallah" before,this song full of dua' upon the brides.Some of the lyrics:And how beautiful it is to see such a pious couple!
May Allah unite you together in Paradise...

11.My little girl
After marriage,surely every couple want a child as their light of life.In this song,Aya Zain,Maher Zain daughter featured at the beginning of the song.so sweet~~~This song show how grateful it feel being a father.And a good father always hope that his child being guided by Allah throughout his/her life.

12.Number one for me
This song are specially arranged to all mothers around the world.Maher Zain said personally that this song is not Islamic directly...but it's more general so that it is more universal and more acceptable by all religions...He said that,indirectly it promote Islam as in Islam,Mother are the one who should be respected the most...

13.So soon
This is a very sad song.It's about how we,who are still alive should be strong to overcome the feeling of loosing him/her...In the end,we have to belief,from Allah we came,and to Him we return...

This song is very beautiful and romantic.It's about how the husband feel so good as now they're in heaven after all the things they gone through.Although they did face episodes of arguments before,but as their realize jannah await for them who tolerate...they overcome it well.This song is a continuation of "For the rest of my life" before...


This song is attributed specially to every citizen whose fight for their countries from dzholim leader.This song is made during revolutionize period of egyptian countries before.Very inspiring song...

16.One big family
This song generally trying to tell us that we are all the same...all of us are human,no matter what races we are,what country we came from,we can't deny that we have similarities... We're all brothers and sisters...:-)

Personally,I think this album is awesome!!!...if we go thru it lyrics one by one,masyaAllah...very beautiful.To see the lyrics,simply click on the songs title above...:-).For me,"I Love You So" would be the best song as it lyrics always make us remember Allah in our heart...

Don't forget to buy original album!!!support quality music...:-)


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  1. Haha. Poyo gila Syed siap buat review.

    Nothing to add, because you've mentioned how awesome this album is. I just like to add: Buy this as a present! Give it to your friends and spread the love. Even people who normally don't like nasyid will like the music, insyaAllah.

    1. haha...no.1 fan kene ar buar review.Your suggestion are brilliant.But just one thing,To whom we should give it to???-have to think wisely...Buat hantaran bleh x?Valuable yet cheap!!!...haha